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RE: minor stuff...

David Levine writes:
 > Here's what I was thinking:
 > I'd like to have LIT spread out among everyone
 > who wants to "have" a piece of it.  There would
 > be a central site, and a lot of "satellite" sites.
 > The links back and forth would make it look
 > seamless.  Each person would be able to
 > maintain the part that is on their site.  Each
 > part would be on a different subject.  Spreading
 > it out like this would also make a "disaster"
 > (i.e. a crash or someone leaving, or whatever)
 > cause much less damage to the whole... only
 > to one part.

This is quite reminiscent of the DoomWeb project that I am slightly
affiliated with.  They have a mailing list and a central web site that
has some central services and links to other individually-maintained
pages.  I was invited to join their mailing list because I created a
Linux DOOM FAQ web page that they wanted to link to from their site main
site (http://doomgate.cs.buffalo.edu, soon to be http://www.gamers.org).
Other people maintain other FAQ pages served from their individual sites
for various DOOM versions, and pages for related topics like level
editing, deathmatch tournaments, and so on.  While it hasn't been very
active lately, it has worked out quite well.

I agree that a certain amount of coordination is necessary to make
something like this work.  There are advantages to 

 > In any case, I'm all for Steve's mailing list.

I think the main question in my mind is what you want to call the
mailing list.  I've proposed "mini-lit" and "starship-design", or we
could have a (hopefully brief) proposal and voting process.

I will also look into the two major options I have, of either hosting
the list on my own machine or seeing if I can have it set up as a
Majordomo list on darkwing.uoregon.edu.