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RE: minor stuff...

At 9:56 AM 7/25/96, David Levine wrote:
>>P.S. I've been thinking about something for the future of LIT that
>>all the various offers.  More on this tomorrow (or maybe later today)
>>as I
>>try to write down what I've been thinking about.
>Okay, okay, it's been longer than I said it would
>be (as usual).
>Here's what I was thinking:
>I'd like to have LIT spread out among everyone
>who wants to "have" a piece of it.  There would
>be a central site, and a lot of "satellite" sites.
>The links back and forth would make it look
>seamless.  Each person would be able to
>maintain the part that is on their site.  Each
>part would be on a different subject.  Spreading
>it out like this would also make a "disaster"
>(i.e. a crash or someone leaving, or whatever)
>cause much less damage to the whole... only
>to one part.
>In any case, I'm all for Steve's mailing list.

I could go for various people working on various parts and submiting them.
But everyone keeping there part on there system worries me.  It would
almost gaurentee something was broken or incompatable.  Also a lot of us
(even in the core group) have school accounts which come and go.  Might
work real well for development thou.  Assuming we were really good at



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