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RE: I am lost!

>I'm glad I uploaded the draft LITstuff to Daves machine.  Ah, Dave, did
>do something?  Or did I wipe out the starship design stuff?!!  Oh well
>I have
>back-ups <on my workstation at work??>

Is something wrong with my system?  I'll check it out.  I -do- have a
of the system from two days ago, so we're okay if anything IS wrong.

>>  David, (and Kev, or was it Kelly), who have
>>  worked at JSC, is that a good job? It
>>  sounds like a lot of fun, (relatively
>>  speaking, of course), and it IS good pay,  right?

I worked for a contractor, not the government, although I
did work onsite.  Pay was okay, not wonderful.  I met a
lot of cool people and felt that I -did- contribute something
while there, but got really annoyed at some of the downright
silly things that went on there.  Imagine 20,000 people
all believing they're in charge.