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Re: I am lost!

From:  pbakelaar@exit109.com

Warning.  Comunications from me from my office may become erratic.  I think
my office systems hard drive is dieing (its starting to forget where
directories and files are.  you can open the folders and see the contents,
but not access or delete them.  Oh, yes and E-mail has crashed.

I'm glad I uploaded the draft LITstuff to Daves machine.  Ah, Dave, did you
do something?  Or did I wipe out the starship design stuff?!!  Oh well I have
back-ups <on my workstation at work??>


> OK.. i have several questions.

>  Guys, please tell me that all this knowledge (ya know,
>  the political jokes and all this science stuff) comes
>  with age? I really hope so.

Live a while, pay attention, and don't forget the interesting bits and you
learn stuff.  Otherwise you make a dumb corpse.  ;)  I also read a lot of
different stuff and have a good memory.

>  Kelly, is there anything I can do to help with the 
>  homepage? I can't remember if you actually asked me
>  to do anything.

The home page is ok (give or take a fried hard drive).  The sub levels need
more work.  The library web page lists need sorting out bad, and we need more
listings for marine stuff.  You can take a shot at that.  Ric Hedman e-mailed
me with a couple of URLs that would be a good start (you guessed it they are
on my office workstation).  If I can get to them I'll forward them to you.
 Check In Yahoo and stuff if you want.  Thats all that comes to mind.

>  I am all for the mailing list. As for the AOL idea,
>  it would be just as good. AOL always gets bashed, 
>  but they really don't have much problems. Still,
>  the dedicated server HAS to be better than AOL.

>  I also REALLY like the idea of also getting a
>  multi-letter digest weekly. We do cover so 
>  much, and even now, I can't remember all that
>  we (well, actually, *you*, not me) have 
>  talked about in the last 2 days (50 letters!)

We really need to get the newsletter system settled out.  And start archiving
stuff.  I also think the weekly digest is a great idea!

>  Kelly, are you *THE* senior systems engineer
>  for Magnavox, or are you *A* senior systems
>  engineer.

A senior systems engineer.

>  David, (and Kev, or was it Kelly), who have
>  worked at JSC, is that a good job? It
>  sounds like a lot of fun, (relatively
>  speaking, of course), and it IS good pay,  right?

Pay wasn't the best.  Sometimes it was pretty good, sometimes they cut
corners.  Depends on how well the company was doing on its contracting, and
how well NASA was being funded.  The technical compitence of people wasn't
nearly as good as I had expected.   On the other hand if your interested in
space (like me) its a serious high to be bumping into astrounauts in the hall
routinely, and watching space flights from the backrooms at mission control.
 At the time I left.  I had designed and writen 1/5th of the shuttle crew
activity flight planing system.  So historical things were happening and my
stuff was in the middle of it helping to schedule it.

> Thats all I can think of for now.

> Ben