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Re: I am lost!

At 9:34 PM 7/24/96, Kevin 'Tex' Houston wrote:
>Philip Bakelaar wrote:
>> OK.. i have several questions.
>>   Guys, please tell me that all this knowledge (ya know,
>>   the political jokes and all this science stuff) comes
>>   with age? I really hope so.
>yeah, it's the only positive thing about growing old and ugly.  ;)
>>   David, (and Kev, or was it Kelly), who have
>>   worked at JSC, is that a good job? It
>It Kelly,  I work for another Goverment Agency, Defense Contracting
>Management Command. We're the guys who's job it is to add so many
>extra regulations and such on top of the contractors so they don't
>make too much profit when they sell the US a $400.00 hammer.  :)

What he doesn't say, is that the $400 hammers cost $10 with $390 of
administration overhead charges, which cover the cost of filling out all
the paperwork for his agency.  ;)

>>   sounds like a lot of fun, (relatively
>>   speaking, of course), and it IS good pay,
>>   right?
>I wouldn't really say it's good pay, but The benifits are good, and
>as long as the budget is solid, you have a lot of security.  Someone
>in my office said the only way he could be fired is if he was caught
>in bed with the commander's under-aged son.
>Kevin "Tex" Houston 	http://umn.edu/~hous0042/index.html

With government agancies like that it takes so much trouble to fire
someone, that they just stuff you in a cornar and wait for you to retire.



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