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Illegal Dumping in Rural Oregon:

The Trash of the Matter

Illegal dumping is a serious problem for both humans and the environment throughout the world. It is unsightly, expensive to clean and hazardous to health.This project looks at the issue in the area outside Eugene/Springfield in the Willamette Valley of Oregon.

Map shows project area (circled in red)
Our project has three main goals that guide the breakdown of tasks. We are working with four partner agencies to complete the project.
Three Goals:

Inventory the Problem

Find out how large and widespread the problem is in our area

See: Survey Results

Find Potential Solutions

Find solutions for our area

See: Research

Educate the Public

Reach members of the community

See: Education


Breakdown of Tasks
  • Basic Skills (Powerpoint, Dreamweaver, Writing)
  • Orientation to Project
  • Fall Presentation of progress


Four Partners:

United States Forest Service:

A primary land owner in the area. The major problem they deal with in our area is illegal disposal of household and recreational trash on dispersed sites (sites not designated for camping).

See: FS Inventory & FS Interview

United States Army Corps:

Owns and manages reservoirs (Dexter, Lookout Point, Fall Creek) and surrounding land in area. They also deal with a large amount of household garbage.

See: AC Inventory & AC Interview

Oregon State Parks:

Manages day-use parks in the area. Their major problem is the disposal of household garbage in trashcans and dumpsters.

See: SP Inventory & SP Interview

Lane County Waste Management:

Manages waste disposal throughout Lane County. We are working with them to determine the effect legal waste disposal policies and programs have on the incidence of illegal dumping.

So you say that you want to know more about illegal dumping.

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