A self-study course to be taken after an introductory course in calculus

This short course is intended to serve as a capstone to the mostly standard material you saw in your introductory single variable calculus course. It should give you a glimpse of some of the early history of calculus, and show you some of the classical problems that motivated its development in the first place. As well as this, I hope you will work on some interesting problems by yourself, engage in some independent reading, and learn how to write mathematics using the LaTeX typesetting system.

The main content of the class consists of eight weeks of lectures which are posted to YouTube.

This web page contains some supplementary material. This consists of recommended reading for each of the weeks of the term, almost all of which are taken from the delightful book Calculus Gems by George Simmons (which you will need to buy for yourself!). Then there are weekly homework sets, whch you are recommended not only to solve independently, but also to write up your solutions carefully using LaTeX.

On this page, you will find PDF summaries of the lectures, PDF files containing the homework problems, and LaTeX templates to start you off in writing your solutions (these contain hints!). For more instructions watch Lecture 0 on YouTube!

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