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Curious about mobile gadgets for field work? We tested several new digital tools for recording visual and spatial information and documented how to use them. The first three documents below can be printed out to carry with the equipment. At the bottom of the list is a survey to help us gather more input about how the tools work.

Field Measurements Guide

A two-page procedural checklist for measuring buildings and spaces. Covers Before You Go, On Site, and If There's Time. (Categories: online, tools, built environment, spatial configuration)

Leica Disto Laser Measuring Tool

Illustrated instructions to set-up and use the most common functions for measuring buildings and spaces. Includes vertical measurements for facades.

Leica Disto Quick Reference

One-page reminder of essential functions for taking architectural measurements in the field. Can be folded to slip next to Disto in carrying case.

Computer Models from Photos

Tips for taking digital photos to make textured 3D models with Photomodeler Lite. The freeware software can be downloaded from

Creating Digital Sketches [ coming soon ]

Comparison of options for sketching including the Seiko Inklink, Logitech Io scanning pen and Alias Sketchbook Pro with Toshiba 3500 Tablet PC.

Tools Surveys

We want to know how well the field tools work, how their usability could be improved and how they affect results. Your help in completing these surveys will be most appreciated. Each one should take less than 20 minutes.