Agenda UO Senate 1999-2000

Wednesday 12 April 2000 177 Lawrence 1500-1700

  1. (1500) Call to order
  2. (1505) Approval of the minutes of the 08 March and of the 29 March meetings of the UO Senate
  3. (1510) State of the University
    1. (1510) Brief report by Senate President Gilkey
    2. (1520) Report by John Halgren or Dan Rodriguez on a resolution passed by the Alumni Association
    3. (1530) Brief statement by Senate President Gilkey expressing appreciation to the Alumni Association
    4. (1535) Brief report by IFS Senator Paul Simonds
    5. (1540) Other communications from the floor.
  4. (1550) New Business
    1. (1550) Resolution US9900-9 to create a policy statement dealing with community values - cosponsored by Senator Grzybowski and ASUO VP M. Anoushiravani asuovp@gladstone
    2.  (1610) Corporate Code of Conduct
      1. (1610) Interim Report by Duncan McDonald duncanm@OREGON.UOREGON.EDU or by Anne Leavittt
      2. (1620) US9900-10A endorsing the report of the Ad hoc Committee on a Licensing Code of Conduct (The report is also available in JPEG format: Page One, Page Two, Page Three, Page Four.)
      3. (1630) US9900-10B endorsing the recommendation of the Ad hoc Committee on a Licensing Code of Conduct that the UO join the WRC
    3. (1645) Motion US9900-11 to update the legislation regarding the Distinguished Service Award (see also in revised form US9900-11A) - introduced by Dave Hubin
    4. (1650) Motion from the DSA committee concerning recipients of the Distinguished Service Award. (The senate will meet in executive session) - introduced by Dave Hubin
    1700 Adjourn

The following documents will be presented in Hard Copy to the UO Senate 12 April 2000
  1. The text of the "demands" presented to President Frohnmayer by the Students 4 April 2000
  2. An email dated 5 April 2000 from President Frohnmayer dealing with the sit in in Johnson Hall 4 April 2000
  3. An email dated 5 April 2000 from Senator S. Clark dealing with the Licensing Code of Conduct
  4. Update on Pebb
  5. US9900-9 dealing with an Affirmation of Community Standards
  6. US9900-10A endorsing the Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Licensing Code
  7. US9900-11 update legislation relating to the DSA
  8. Documents pertaining to budgetary matters received from OUS

For further information, see the University Senate web page All members of the University Assembly are welcome at senate meetings and have the right to the floor on any matter under discussion. The deadline has passed for new agenda items for this meeting of the Senate.
Senate President Peter B. Gilkey email:
Senate Secretary Gwen Steigelman email:
Senate Vice President James Earl, English, Vice President, email:

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