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In a message dated 3/16/00 12:04:53 AM, bfranchuk@jetnet.ab.ca writes:

>KellySt@aol.com wrote:
>> Totally wrong.  Folks like to think that its all been written down, but
>> ain't true.  A lot of it is "cultural knowledge" of the manufacturers
>as well
>> as years of training.      You can't just pull out a book on how to build
>> IC  and start churning them out.  Past that it takes whole cites full
>> people and factories to build all the things a ship would need.  You
>> carry all that gear with you.
>I disagree -- you have to carry a boot strap able system.
>All that stuff could fit in a large space craft the catch is it is not
>to have small systems and you may have to reduce operating perimeters.

Now adays whole coutries can't get enough people to be self suficenty.  You 
expect a few hudred folks in a ship to do it?

>Take solid state logic... A portable chip processing plant could
>be table top size, but may have to use 2 inch wafers, be limited to 64kb
>x 1
>dynamic ram,16 bit processors ,or smaller and only produce 256 chips a

Where do you get this idea from?  And do you consider the rest of the factry 
to turn those wafers into stacks of usable chips?  Then stacks of circut 
board?  Circut board designers?  System designers/manufacturing?

>Remember too, that the environment has changed too, with say 1000 people
>on a space craft, or planetary base, demands of the things needed will
>be a lot different than back on earth. It is only within the last 50
>that we really have lost the ability to be independent.

Actually the demands will be higher in the sartificial environment of the 
ship.  Much less the fact the ship will be presumably doing exploration and 
researh, which takes more exotic equipment.

>A robotic - mining factory with only 25 people for exotic material might
>a stock-holders rich,but will not do much for colonizing a planet. 

Your point?  We can't colonize any planets we find out there.  Even if we 
could, since we can't make the starship self suficent, supporting the remote 
colony from here would be even more impossible.