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starship-design: Re: FTL travel

STAR1SHIP@aol.com wrote:

> When a object reaches the effective range of the radar it does not need to
> wait for a main bang pulse to arrive as they are continuly sent. The echo
> races toward the reciever at light speed. The radar is an anolog computer
> that takes data from sensors(ear) processes it in real time at light speed to
> give output. Zero is the processor time unlike digital processors that take a
> long time to process digital data thus the output is not in realtime(now) but
> past time(then). Two of your named variable parameters are actually zero not
> micro seconds so the max velocity detectable is mass at light speed.

Processing time in Real life is not zero. In the example I used
time for a ACTIVE deflection was 3 us. This requires a speed of 1/3C to
real time processing with this delay. A zap-o laser beam to vaporize
dust would not have that delay.
> Tom