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Re: RE: starship-design: Casimir-Foreward balloon

I don't like the term weak, I like gradual. Like ion drive. It could get going pretty fast, 
and with no fuel you could just go iinto stasis and wait for the balloon to kick in. And the 
phosphor makes it so that there is more of the f2 radiation in the ballon than out of it. 
I'm trying to deal with fairly specific frequencies.

On another unrelated propulsion topic, a physicist friend of mine was telling me about 
virtual particles (a particle and an anti particle are constantly popping into existence 
and annihilating eachother, so to conserve matter another two pop in, and so on. At 
any given time there are virtual particles all around, appearing and dissapearing.

I was wondering how theoretical this is, if you guys buy it (or have heard of it), and how 
it could be applied to propulsion. I think the startrek ships fly with matter-antimatter 
reactions. Could they just bussard the matter/antimatter out of space and let them go 
off in a combustion chamber?