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RE: starship-design: Casimir-Foreward balloon

> Let me shortly explain the idea as I understand it:
> the "balloon" is wrapped up (except the hole in the end)
> in the mesh that is transparent to frequency f1, but opaque for
> (or reflecting) the frequency f2.
> Hence, all incoming radiation at f1 goes inside,
> from whichever direction it comes.
> Inside we have the muffler-like layers of "phosphor" material
> which transmutes photon frequency from f1 to f2.
> Since the mesh wrapping is not transparent to f2,
> that frequency photons can leave the "balloon" only
> through the hole at the end, giving it the reactive push forward.

If I understand correctly what he is trying to do, the phophor is
unnecessary. The interior only needs to be a "black body" as far as
frequency f1 is concerned, this can be accomplished without phophor. I can
see how it might indeed provide thrust, but it would be terribly weak.