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starship-design: Casimir-Foreward balloon

Hello Connor,

Zenon thank you for giving a clear description, answering my initial
questions. Connor I assume you agree with it, since you have not commented

>Let me shortly explain the idea as I understand it:
>the "balloon" is wrapped up (except the hole in the end)
>in the mesh that is transparent to frequency f1, but opaque for 
>(or reflecting) the frequency f2.
>Hence, all incoming radiation at f1 goes inside, 
>from whichever direction it comes.
>Inside we have the muffler-like layers of "phosphor" material 
>which transmutes photon frequency from f1 to f2. 
>Since the mesh wrapping is not transparent to f2, 
>that frequency photons can leave the "balloon" only 
>through the hole at the end, giving it the reactive push forward.

Connor, can you tell me exactly all points where the "momentum is
transferred" or "the force is applied" or "the energy is exchanged" from
the photons to the ship?
Thus where do the photons or where does the beam push or pull?