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Re: starship-design: more assorted musings

KellySt@aol.com wrote:
> Of course this is a project for the rich!  Only the filthy rich countries of
> the world have the resources, tallent, or technlogy to attempt anything like
> this.  Exploration has always been a sport for the rich.  Fortunaly the U.S.
> is the richestes and greedeest of them all, so we can suport the biggest space
> program, of them all.
  Only the rich has the money. Resourses talent and techlogy or stupidy is not
to one country or ideology. The USA may have the biggest space program, but
why has it taken so long for cheap access into space with $1000 per lb payloads.

> >This project will never be economicly feasable in the
> > near future because our economic system is based on
> > making money not on the true value of food,shelter,the
> > earth,knowlage,
> Economics is entirely about finding the absolute and relative values of these
> things.  Its measured in money.

Then why is the economic system so screwed up? ( I would like to continue this
but it is off topic)

> social togetherness, and population control.
> Oh please.  Space stunts to unite the world failed misurably a long time ago
> and ever since.  Population control is very regional.  Developed countries are
> all having population decline trends (at current rates Japan and Italy will
> cease to exist in 200 years).  Undeveloped countries aer trying to develop
> (which will solve ther population problems.  The reason is the economics of
> having children in non-subsistence economies.

Space stunts will never unite the world, nor will any other stunt.
But any large space craft must be a global effort, and any space craft
(like star ship design or the earth ) must have a substainable envorment.
Populaton control is one factor in a substainable envorment.

(now back to the topic of star ship design )