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Re: Re: starship-design: more assorted musings

>==stupidy is not limited to one country or ideology. The 
> USA may have the biggest space program, but why has 
> it taken so long for cheap access into space with 
> $1000 per lb payloads.

None of the potential builders has been able to identify a customer for it,
but it looks like thats changing.

>> Economics is entirely about finding the absolute and 
>> relative values of these  things.  Its measured in money.

>Then why is the economic system so screwed up? ( I 
> would like to continue this but it is off topic)

Write me off line then, but in general the "economic system" has working
pretty well for the last few centuries.

> Space stunts will never unite the world, nor will any 
> other stunt.  But any large space craft must be a 
> global effort,==

Well to one degree most new cars are a global effort, but if you want a united
world government effort, itd doomed.  Multi governmental efforts raise the
costs so much everyone would pay less if they went it alone (a cronic finding
NASA was never alowed to learn from).

>== and any space craft (like star ship 
> design or the earth ) must have a substainable 
> envorment.  Populaton control is one factor in 
> a substainable envorment.

Then how would you enforce a high enough birth rate?  A multi-gen ship would
be a modern industrial society, hence sub replacement birth rates.

More practically thou is that a slow ship is to expensive and difficult to
support.  If you can't go fast, wait at home.

>(now back to the topic of star ship design )

Well the last bit its starship related.