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Re: starship-design: Re: Still doing stardrives?

> > I like to put my fusion reaction out of the body of
> > the ship, back in the jet, also for hygeine. I haven't
> > made any quantitative study of the efficiency factor
> > in terms of thermodynamics; it seems likely that the
> > nearer to the ship, the more efficiently this would
> > serve as a reaction engine. Fusion is initiated by
> > injection from a boron linac, into the jet of
> > (recombining) atomic hydrogen. The primary reaction
> > produces alphas only, easily shielded.
> >

Some very good idea's there. I think the best we can 
get for speed is .7 C in the speed of matter moving.
see:  http://www.autodynamics.org/welcome.html
Note even with a perfect engine as time slows down when you 
reach the speed of light, the output of the engine will drop
off too since it slows down.