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Re: starship-design: Fermi's Paradox, etc...

Kyle R. Mcallister wrote:
> As far
> as what they would do to us...if they are advanced enough to be
> travelling the galaxy, why would they need to trample a petty
> civilization like us?

The only thing can say about other civilizations space travel
is that they have away to travel in space. Lets stop saying they are
"advanced". I say look around and say "95%" of what is around on will 
be on another planet.

Aliens are human !! because beings similar to mature humans is the only
way that will surive the rigors needed to live long to develop
space travel.

> They travel slowly (only at
> C), and are easily distorted by interstellar interference. Do you resort
> to carrier pigeon when something like E-mail is available? No. If they
> knew how to send signals faster than C, that would certainly be more
> attractive than C-limited radio.

Hello ... ( 10 years later )
Hi there ... 

Hello on subspace ... ( 1 year later)    
Hi there on subspace ...

Still too slow to usefull.  When you encode all you want to say in one
message long message say 5 years long the lag is not that bad.

> Another point: why talk to us? It is
> easier to learn about a hostile, perverted civilization like us by just
> idly watching. Ask a sociologist. So, finally, where does the madness
> end?

I allways thought madness come out of fear and conflicts
do to overpopulation and lack of self esteem.

> On other matters...If you looked at my statement above about signals
> travelling faster than light, and are laughing, here is some food for
> thought. I built a device, last monday to be precise, that when fed
> signals through a length of wire, I could send an electrical signal at a
> speed of, by varying a control, less than C, C, and greater than C. Some
> claim it is the transformer effect; okay. I am building a bigger model,
> with a noninductive winding. The geometry is what determines propagation
> speed, not of phase, but of a CHANGE in the steady signal. In other
> words, it becomes possible to 'tap out morse' at superluminal. I and
> another scientist on the internet are working on a cordless version of
> this. It uses an antenna mad of a special material to send the signal.
> The material information is proprietary, so don't ask. Just thought I
> would let you know that, like some of you told me to do, "I am working
> on it." ;)

Check out http://www.autodynamics.org/
(Society for Autodynamics - picks up where special relativity leaves
 including breaking the light speed   barrier.)
You may find the equations on this site interesting. 

> Best regards,
> Kyle R. Mcallister

B  Franchuk.