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Re: starship-design: the slow way; some further thoughts . . .

Curtis Manges wrote:
>     Anyway, the generation-ship idea has been done to death for decades in
> books, film, and TV, which brings me to an aside about designing it. Some
> years ago, there was a TV series about such a ship, and I recall that
> someone on it posed the question of how it was designed. The answer was,
> "They designed a computer to design a computer to design the ship." It has
> occurred to me that such a thing might be possible NOW, by parallel
> computing, linking thousands of PC's together on the web to work on the
> problem, a la the CETI-at-home screensaver project (sorry I don't have the
> address handy, but do look it up; it's cool).

Why thousands just a few would will work. People and computers make
a good match because people are good problem solving and computers
are good in the little details.


PS. I think the spacecraft will have the good feel of the 60's.
Still think that the original enterprise was the best design in the
fiction catagory.