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starship-design: Fermi's Paradox, etc...


While this discussion about extraterrestrials, and Fermi's paradox, etc.
is interesting speculation, we must keep in mind that it is just that:
speculation. We do not know conclusively that extraterrestrials do or do
not exist. I think they probably do, and I have several reasons for that
which I will not disclose. (Note: I am NOT talkin about UFO's!) As far
as what they would do to us...if they are advanced enough to be
travelling the galaxy, why would they need to trample a petty
civilization like us? Let me ask you: do you go up to an anthill and
look at it? I do. Do you try to establish communication with said
anthill? I used to. Most of the time, we just pass anthills over. The
older generation, more wiser, usually ignores them. The younger
generation, sometimes steps on them for fun. We usually don't poison
them unless they invade our territorial area (e.g., the back yard). Go
ahead, accuse me of personifying aliens to be human...what are you
doing? Pellegrino certaily did it. I read the book, disagreed with some,
but it was a good and thought provoking read. Human are warlike, and
conquer, looking out for only themselves. We have no reason to assume
that extraterrestrials would be anything like we are. Back to the
anthill analogy...if I try to talk to an ant colony, so they 'hear' me?
Probably not. Why? Because they can't understand or detect my method of
communication. We listen with radio waves. They travel slowly (only at
C), and are easily distorted by interstellar interference. Do you resort
to carrier pigeon when something like E-mail is available? No. If they
knew how to send signals faster than C, that would certainly be more
attractive than C-limited radio. Another point: why talk to us? It is
easier to learn about a hostile, perverted civilization like us by just
idly watching. Ask a sociologist. So, finally, where does the madness
end? Speculation is good, but to claim it is fact is simply arrogance.
Not that any of you have, I'm just saying don't let it get that far.

On other matters...If you looked at my statement above about signals
travelling faster than light, and are laughing, here is some food for
thought. I built a device, last monday to be precise, that when fed
signals through a length of wire, I could send an electrical signal at a
speed of, by varying a control, less than C, C, and greater than C. Some
claim it is the transformer effect; okay. I am building a bigger model,
with a noninductive winding. The geometry is what determines propagation
speed, not of phase, but of a CHANGE in the steady signal. In other
words, it becomes possible to 'tap out morse' at superluminal. I and
another scientist on the internet are working on a cordless version of
this. It uses an antenna mad of a special material to send the signal.
The material information is proprietary, so don't ask. Just thought I
would let you know that, like some of you told me to do, "I am working
on it." ;)

Best regards,
Kyle R. Mcallister