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Re: starship-design: Fermi's Paradox, etc...

>....As far as what they would do to us...if they are advanced 
> enough to be travelling the galaxy, why would they need 
> to trample a petty civilization like us? Let me ask you: 
> do you go up to an anthill and look at it? I do. Do you try 
> to establish communication with said anthill? I used to. 
> Most of the time, we just pass anthills over. The
> older generation, more wiser, usually ignores them.....

Unless of course you think they might spread.  Or you want to expant your

re the odd anthill, but there isn't a corner of this glob we haven't wandered
through and mixed up a bit.  A few rainforests in the way.  A dam to control
an irratable river.

ead predator species that we thought migh become a problem one day.  Preditors
like us..