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RE: starship-design: RE: questions

David, Lee,
I DO have the a little extra time to work on the page, but have barely ok
page design/computer skills, and so I shouldn't do anything like take on a
big or complicated section until I get better at this sort of thing.  Also,
does anyone have the stuff that was behind the broken links? did said
stuff never get posted at all? Using Geocites sounds like an good idea to
  -Nels Lindberg
>Well, the old site was 5 megs and the new site is 4.  A lot of stuff
>from the old site is missing on the new site, so I'd say in total LIT is
>around 6 megs plus however big all of the uoregon mailing list archives
>Really, the problem is not space: the space on SunSITE is effectively
>unlimited, there is no quota.  The main problem is accessability,
>because it really is a group project and could best be updated by a
>The reason I'm picturing using something like GeoCities (rather than
>have everyone keep their own stuff on their personal website) is that if
>someone wants to quit working on the site with us, we won't have any
>trouble - all they need to do is pass on the GeoCities account to
>whoever wants to take over their portion.
>The question of site heirarchy/layout has been raised in such a
>situation.  I need to think about this some more, but I'm sure there is
>a solution.