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starship-design: Re: questions

The idea of using Geocities is great!  My html skills are iffy as well,
but I try hard!  We should do this.

Jim A. Clem, B.S.E.

On Thu, 29 Jan 1998 14:41:23 -0500 David Levine <david@actionworld.com>
>Well, the old site was 5 megs and the new site is 4.  A lot of stuff
>from the old site is missing on the new site, so I'd say in total LIT 
>around 6 megs plus however big all of the uoregon mailing list 
>Really, the problem is not space: the space on SunSITE is effectively
>unlimited, there is no quota.  The main problem is accessability,
>because it really is a group project and could best be updated by a
>The reason I'm picturing using something like GeoCities (rather than
>have everyone keep their own stuff on their personal website) is that 
>someone wants to quit working on the site with us, we won't have any
>trouble - all they need to do is pass on the GeoCities account to
>whoever wants to take over their portion.
>The question of site heirarchy/layout has been raised in such a
>situation.  I need to think about this some more, but I'm sure there 
>a solution.
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>> David,
>> How much space is taken up by the LIT site currently? I have several
>> megabytes of space on a server that I am paying for but not 
>> using...
>> Lee Parker
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