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starship-design: NON MEMBER?? here's what happened.


I recently changed status here at the U.  In short my free ride on the U's
modem pool was terminated, but I was given the oppourtunity to purchase an
account ($30.00 for 3 month, a real deal).  As a result, my E-mail address
has changed very slightly (although the old one will still work)

For those who are maintaining a personal address book of LIT members, here
is my info

name: Kevin 'Tex' Houston
E-mail: hous0042@tc.umn.edu
web: http://umn.edu/~hous0042/

I also have another web server, http://wwww.urly-bird.com/ 

This server has a LIT development site.  Anyone wishing to post some web
pages (LIT related) may do so free of charge.  Just send them to me as an
attachment to E-mail and I'll put them up.

-------Begin Crass Commercialism------------
If you would like a web site that is not LIT related, let me know, my
proces are very reasonable.  ;)
-------End Crass Comercialism---------------

Kevin 'Tex' Houston