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Re: starship-design: NON MEMBER?? here's what happened.


>I recently changed status here at the U.  In short my free ride on the U's
>modem pool was terminated, but I was given the oppourtunity to purchase an
>account ($30.00 for 3 month, a real deal).  As a result, my E-mail address
>has changed very slightly (although the old one will still work)

Congratulations, now that decided to actually pay for writing to this group,
you have become our honered member of the week  ;)))

>-------Begin Crass Commercialism------------
>If you would like a web site that is not LIT related, let me know, my
>proces are very reasonable.  ;)
>-------End Crass Comercialism---------------

Well, since you are on of our sponsors, you get a few "out of jail for free"
tickets, for commercial spamming on this list :)