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starship-design: X-rays

kyle writes:
 > Greetings:
 > I've thought about it, and don't like the idea of getting cancer, so
 > will the radiation flux be safer if I reduce voltage to 100KVDC with a
 > current of 400microamperes? Would .5 inches of lead shield this?
 > Kyle Mcallister

Kyle, if you don't tell us what you are building we can't tell you
anything about possible risks.

If you use the voltage to put a steady current through a resistive
device, no radiation will be produced.  If you use the voltage to
accelerate electrons to collide with a target, you might produce X-rays
(assuming you do it right).  If you use the voltage to power a microwave
oscillator, you'd produce microwaves.  If you touch the wires, you'd get
a pretty bad jolt (possibly fatal if the current goes through your

Telling anyone only the voltage and amperage you're using IS NOT ENOUGH.

I think that rather than asking us you should be consulting with a
qualified electrician.  In any case this is becoming unrelated to the
topics this list is for.  Please take your question to a more relevant

 > P.S.: I'm not building an atom bomb.

Well, duh.  200W is not anywhere near enough to produce a big
explosion, and 40W isn't either.