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Re: starship-design: Re: Quantum Gravity

> From: TLG.van.der.Linden@tip.nl (Timothy van der Linden)
> >But is the space-time topology as we now see it
> >THE SAME as the cellular automaton topology?
> I guess the article suggests that. However like Lee suggested, the cells 
> may be streched, something that I haven't seen in cellular automation.
I wonder what this stretching means for space quanta?
Can we "stretch" the energy quantum?

> (Indeed this doesn't change the speed of c locally.)
> I also wonder how one would incorporate effects like timedilation 
> into cellular automation.
I have no idea (yet ;-).

> Speaking about time... How does this ring-universe see time? Is it
> continuous or discrete too (like in cellular automation).
In the article time has been reported to be quantized too -
only then the "cellular automaton" vision and the Ca speed limit 
make sense.

> >May be our space-time topology is quite different thing
> >than that - it is only modeled
> >by possibly large & complex patterns of cell activity.
> >[But then, our lightspeed barrier c might be (much?) smaller 
> >than the cellular-automaton limit (say, Ca),
> >and FTL (but only up to Ca) may be possible by proper interaction
> >with the space-time-modeling patterns...]
> That too could be the case.
> >OK, if the levels of the cellular-automaton-modeling-computer
> >and of patterns of states of the cells are not appropriately isolated,
> >than of course you (*we*) can theoretically do anything with the system,
> >e.g. reprogram it completely so as all the laws of nature
> >will be quite different than now, or even switch the computer off
> >(Be Careful, Kyle... ;-).
> >I wonder if the Universe would not have been switched off already,
> >if that across-levels access were possible...  ;-)
> Maybe most mistakes will selfcontain. If you get uncontrolable mass/energy
> creation, you may create a blackhole which on its turn can loop ZPF around
> and separate the anomaly from the rest of the ZPF.
> Other errors may collapse to the lowest energy state (that of normal ZPF).
> Of course in local environments the effects are likely to be catastrophic.
Probably many will do, but would there bee a guarantee
that none can lead to switching off the entire computer?

But all this is a speculation much more far-fetched
than the wildest Kyle ideas, I am afraid... ;-)

-- Zenon