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starship-design: Re: Quantum Gravity

Hi Zenon,

>But is the space-time topology as we now see it
>THE SAME as the cellular automaton topology?

I guess the article suggests that. However like Lee suggested, the cells may
be streched, something that I haven't seen in cellular automation.
(Indeed this doesn't change the speed of c locally.)
I also wonder how one would incorporate effects like timedilation into
cellular automation.

Speaking about time... How does this ring-universe see time? Is it
continuous or discrete too (like in cellular automation).

>May be our space-time topology is quite different thing
>than that - it is only modeled
>by possibly large & complex patterns of cell activity.
>[But then, our lightspeed barrier c might be (much?) smaller 
>than the cellular-automaton limit (say, Ca),
>and FTL (but only up to Ca) may be possible by proper interaction
>with the space-time-modeling patterns...]

That too could be the case.

>OK, if the levels of the cellular-automaton-modeling-computer
>and of patterns of states of the cells are not appropriately isolated,
>than of course you (*we*) can theoretically do anything with the system,
>e.g. reprogram it completely so as all the laws of nature
>will be quite different than now, or even switch the computer off
>(Be Careful, Kyle... ;-).
>I wonder if the Universe would not have been switched off already,
>if that across-levels access were possible...  ;-)

Maybe most mistakes will selfcontain. If you get uncontrolable mass/energy
creation, you may create a blackhole which on its turn can loop ZPF around
and separate the anomaly from the rest of the ZPF.
Other errors may collapse to the lowest energy state (that of normal ZPF).

Of course in local environments the effects are likely to be catastrophic.