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starship-design: Things going on in the wonderful world of Kyledom...

Zenon Kulpa wrote:
> Probably many will do, but would there bee a guarantee
> that none can lead to switching off the entire computer?

Of course there would be. If there wasn't, we'd be dead now, I'm
afraid...For ZPE has been done. (Over and over in THE SAME PLACE!) Then
again, what happens when you do it deep in space, where no one can hear
you scream....
> But all this is a speculation much more far-fetched
> than the wildest Kyle ideas, I am afraid... ;-)

Beware all ye starship designers, for one of the wild Kyle ideas will be
posted soon! My starship design that incorporates ZPE/FTL
power/propulsion. My page will be done ~a week or so.

Kyle Mcallister