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RE: starship-design: ZPF=inertia=gravity


I read a paper that Puthoff published on this several years ago. It is beginning to sound like space has a "structure" no matter which way you look at it. It is a long ways from figuring out what inertia is to controlling it however.

For instance, interfering with inertia could be the same thing as a Klingon Disintegrator <G>.

Several other new developents with Vacuum Fluctuation theory are also intriguing. Several physicists claim that the universe was created by a vacuum fluctuation that passed some critical threshold and became the universe. Of course this means there are new universes being created all the time! In fact, our universe may be nothing more than somebody's Physics 201 lab that got out of hand. (Be careful Kyle).

In another paper it was asserted that the virtual particles that become real particles are not subject to any sort of limiting amount, in other words we can have a single photon suddenly appear...or Zeta Triangularis. (Be Careful Kyle) <G>

Lee Parker

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Hey, I just stumbled across this site, and it shows a promising lead in
the developement  of "inertialess drives"  (acceleration without the
resistance).  "Reactionless drives", (inertia without acceleration) and

The basic thrust, is that all inertia/gravity is simply an EM
interaction between charged particles (at the quark level) and the ZPF
(Zero Point Field).  If so, this might give us a way to control the
inertial mass of an object with an EM field.

Impulse engines anyone??

Such control would allow spaceships to make 90 degree turns at 90% light
speed, and not disappear into a fine cloud of vapor.  It could also give
you something to "push" against.  The fact that it is connected with the
ZPF is astounding.