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starship-design: ZPF=inertia=gravity


Hey, I just stumbled across this site, and it shows a promising lead in
the developement  of "inertialess drives"  (acceleration without the
resistance).  "Reactionless drives", (inertia without acceleration) and

The basic thrust, is that all inertia/gravity is simply an EM
interaction between charged particles (at the quark level) and the ZPF
(Zero Point Field).  If so, this might give us a way to control the
inertial mass of an object with an EM field.

Impulse engines anyone??

Such control would allow spaceships to make 90 degree turns at 90% light
speed, and not disappear into a fine cloud of vapor.  It could also give
you something to "push" against.  The fact that it is connected with the
ZPF is astounding. 

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