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starship-design: How much does this rig weigh?


In response to Kelly Starks' question of the drives size:

Well, it doesn't have to be that massive, because the more negative
gravitation you apply, the greater your fall into your gravity well up
ahead. So you don't need a moon sized object tied to the front of your
starship. Just alot of power to crank up your ZPQF generators at the
rear to high negative gravity generation. The higher you fall, the
better. (assuming you don't hit something on the way down. Splat.)

An estimate of the size: 5,000,000 tons. Ball park, but it'll do. Again,
this depends on the size of the ship, and what you build the ZPQF
generation plates out of.
Copper? Gold? Iron? Up to the builder.

Kyle Mcallister