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Re: starship-design: Ideas, thoughts, and speculation

In a message dated 6/14/97 6:56:22 PM, stk@sunherald.infi.net (kyle) wrote:

>Greetings, everyone.
>I have some ideas that we might consider. 
>Slowing a sail-ship: How about using a magnetic loop to slow the ship. I
>about that concept somewhere before.

Isn't that to low powered to brake a ship down from 100,000 Kilometers per

>RAIR Ramscoops: Instead of using a physical scoop, use a magnetic scoop.
>could use a laser to ionize the gass directly in front of the ship, and
>magnetically shunt it into the drive assembly. The laser might also help
>large objects.

We were considering that in the early drafts.  Problem is their doesn't seem
to be enough in deap space to grab onto unless your intake if tens of
thousands of miles across.  (Filed the info on the web page I think?)

>Laser ionization: Use a pulsed laser to ionize fuel for thrust.

If you accelerate it for thrust.  How do you burn it for power later?

>EXOTIC ideas: Read at own risk!
>Wouldn't it be nice if we could use just energy as fuel? Sure, if it
>Gravity/Antigravity generation: I have some ideas, but I don't know
>about it.
>Tachyon propulsion: Great! How is it done? And I hate time travel!
>Magnetic Warping of space: Hmmmm...
>Alcubierre warp drive: Good, neat, but unfortunately they don't sell
>matter at the local 7-11.
>				Kyle R. Mcallister

Lots of fun stuff in theoretical physics.  But its so hard to get a parts
catalog!  ;)