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starship-design: Drive ideas, Re: My last message

To starship design/Timothy Van Der Linden:

When I specified the drive radius away from the ship, I meant inner 
radius. It is necessary to isolate the reaction device from the rest
of the ship due to the tidal disruption effects produced by warping 
space. Drive segment A would be positioned 1.25 (at least) radii in
of the ship. It may be necessary for A to be more massive than B segment
which will be behind the ship. B segment will incorporate the ZPEF
generators to negatively warp space directly to the rear of the ship
in an arclike fashion. The Superconducting plates may need to be shaped
similarly. The diagram below shows my theory:

   "A"        +      -       "B"           
           +            -
         +                -  
       +                    -
      +========(SHIP)========-      /  Direction of travel
       +                    -      /_______________________ 
         +                -        \
           +            -           \
              +      -

Now all we have to do is figure out how to work ZPE correctly. Any ideas
on how to get negative mass?

			Kyle Mcallister

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