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starship-design: FTL & ZPE Be more specific...

Hello again Kyle,

Some of what you wrote:
>FTL doesn't necessarily violate physics. Or consider these: distance
>The ability to make sublight journeys to stars by quantum jumping; That
>has been done in laboratories. Any particle physist will tell you that.

They can also tell you that the energies needed are high and the distances
are small compared to lightyears.

>>If you don't know the size and requirements of the drive system, how can
>>you design a ship around it?
>Hmmm...Aha! Estimate! (we've done plenty of it)

(I wonder who you mean with "we"?)

Can you tell us some estimates? If so, please do tell us how you got to
these numbers, that would help us to verify and learn about the principle.

FTL travel may not be useful at all if it needs much more energy than STL
travel, so besides the technique to travel FTL we might also need exotic
power supplies. Sure you mention ZPE, tell us about that too.