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starship-design: More Specific about FTL/ZPE

To Starship newsletter/Timothy Van Der Linden:

Correct. Quantum tunneling is out. It may have some residual effects
that we don't understand yet however. I didn't intend to imply that I
wanted to use it as a drive system by itself. I should have clarified.
My apologies. 

Maybe It would be possible to travel to Tau Ceti at relativistic
and later on construct some sort of rapid transit/FTL passage between
and tc. There's that nagging problem: Where do we get exotic matter? Oh,

When I said "We have done plenty of it (estimating)", I meant scientists
in general, but mostly the groups I work with on FTL, ZPE, and DST. Most
of their claims don't hold up: Once they were excited about the fact
superconducting coils twitch when current is applied. I told them to try
in a vacuum. No twitching then. I guess they hadn't heard of transient
-magnetic effects. But there have been some of their ideas that have
worked out.
I have tried some, but so far the results are inconclusive. And to build
I need to find a parts to build a liquid nitrogen bath, as well as other

I cannot give an exact size for the drive, but I would say that in order
it to give enough space so as to prevent tidal disruption of the
starship, a
radius of at least 1.25 ship radii (longest dimension, probably length).
As far
as the drive weight, it wouldn't have to be exceptionally heavy, but it
would be big.
This is just a theory, but I would use a lightweight, superconducting
metal for its
construction. I don't know, maybe it won't work at all, but it is
The drive segments (probably 2, one in front, other in back) would be
placed as
I said earlier at the very least 1.25 ship radii in front and back of
the starships
non-drive portion. These estimates are the result of long study, and

As I've said numerous times, ZPE is a real thing. It has been proven.
Many scientists
don't want to believe it, but I figure it is for the simple reason that
it defies
most current understanding. However it has been witnessed, it has been
and numerous companies and government organizations are interested in it
The government is a hard thing to convince, so it must be true. ZPE is
accomplished by placing two charged superconducting plates within a
nanometer of one
another. Negative energy density has been witnessed in the casimir
cavity. The
most recently published idea is a device that can generate up to 100,000
as much energy as is put into it. It was shown on "Good Morning
America",a national
television program, and the INA, DOE, Motorola, and many others are
offering funds
to get first grabs at this. Imagine how mad the petroleum industries
would get 
if they use this for powerplants! Alas, a problem: these things make
amounts of heat. I think if all of us at LIT work together, we could at
least get
a theory on how to build something like this. Its risky, but if we're
then risk is unavoidable.

One last thing, Steve Vandevender: Is _Spacetime Physics_ a book or a
I'm interested.

			Kyle Mcallister