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starship-design: Re: Planetary Statistics

In a message dated 6/12/97 2:32:53 PM, you wrote:

>I have performed many a calculation on the planet in question, and it is
>known that gravity can be determined if the diameter of the planet as
>as its mass is known (which both are). Atmosphere compostistion is also
>in the charter. Percentages (in my mind) could be determine by extremely 
>sensitive spectrographic analysis (something we might have by 2050). The 
>rest of the calculations can be performed quickly at the following
>Just click the calculate button to go to the index, and input your data.

Ah, a usefull site.  I'll have to add it to the LIT web site.

(Did I mention a 8th grade class is reviewing it as a class project?  Pity I
never cleaned it up!)

>As far as colonizing the planet, I should have been more specific. I
>mean setting up a city-like colony there, rather establishing a
>research station there (orbital platforms can only do so much). And, if
>aren't going to land there, the public is not going to be very
>about it. After all, what makes this thing go up? Funding. No bucks, no
>Rodgers. I agree with you on the fact that establishing a
>self-sufficient colony
>is a bad idea, but a temporary research station is feasible.
>			Kyle R. Mcallister

Oh, I think we did consider fixed exploration bases.  But droped that idea in
favor of large mobile rovers.  Sort of like bus sized armored personel
cariers  After all.  You can't have your survey team spend all their time
siting in one area when they have a sol system of planets and moons to rough