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Re: starship-design: Majordomo chat

At 1:11 AM 7/28/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>Zenon wrote:

>>> Regarding a newsgroup, why not have two mailing lists, one weekly and one
>>> continuous list? One could make both lists so that all letter are directly
>>> published on the web (or with one or two days in delay, to sift out some
>>> weird stuff if needed).
>>But then the letter/answer cycle will be still short-term
>>(on the continuous list - which causes most of the irrelevant chit-chat),
>>and the weekly on-the-Web "newsletter" in fact can (and will) be used
>>rather as an easy accessible archive only.
>No, don't think so, some of the people will be in both lists, and mail the
>important things to the once-a-week group.

So whats wrong with that?  Thats how we handeled stuf for the first year.

>Of course people could also chit-chat besides the group when some
>uncertainties are present, I guess that even now that happens.



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