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Re: starship-design: im saving email!! ;)

At 6:54 PM 7/26/96, Philip Bakelaar wrote:
>well, now that i cant remember what even one
>of the 43(!) letters i got today are about,
>i will try to say something.
>my newsgroup opinion, was, in all essence, mine! :)
>really, i guess you guys are right, though, and
>that seems to be the general concensus. but i think
>it was zenon who said he doesn't like newsgroups,
>well, its the same with me.. just too much to sort
>through. but MHO doesnt really matter much. a
>newsgroup would be great for publicity, i didnt
>even think of that.

It would get use out into the great sea of alt.'s.  Certainly good for

>well, about my program, i'll develop it anyway as
>a test, and like kevin said, it'll just be there
>for anyone who wants to get it. i usually end up
>rejecting all ideas for programs that i wont use.
>that way, if no one else wants to use them, hey,
>at least i will! :)
>tim, you mentioned some programming puzzles? as
>long as they don't involve screen mode x or
>windows, im game...
>does anyone know how hard it is to have your
>own computer hooked up to the inet through
>a web server? i am talking about me buying
>a computer and setting up the software and all,
>and just letting the web server connect me.
>please don't tell me about how its impossible,
>i already know that! :) just if anyone has any
>info, especially on operating systems, and the
>type of processor and computer to use..
>(i have been on someone's homepage that was
> hosted on a 486 notebook with a 28.8 modem,
> and it was not THAT slow even, so this is
> why i am asking.) like, should i get a
>motorola processor, a intel, an IBM AIX,
>should i use Unix, or windows, or something
>else?  just any knowledge you might have.
>kelly, you should check out:
>it has a program, LinkChek, that will tell ya
>what links are broken etc. etc. its not the
>best, but its like the only demo out there,
>except for the up and coming personal agent at
>btw, what exactly do ya want me to do, kelly,
>on those pages you sent me? check the links?
>update.. search for more links.. yea, that
>was one of the things.. more linx.. im workin
>on that one.

More links, and helping to sort them out.  I've done a bit more work, and
I'll try to upload a new set in a day or two.

Definatly more links, especially for ocean stuff.

>uh.. i cant remember anymore. oh...
>about davids satellite idea, i think it would
>be a good idea to have a central server, but
>as someone suggested, give out the password
>to us and let us update our own sections...
>much less maintenance, and on one server.
>you guys are seriously going to publish a book?
>(i know, your not sure, just one of those dumb
>questions).. well, lemme know if i could
>contribute somehow.. one thing i am very good at
>is proofing (and even correcting certain times)..
>i helped my dad proof and type and edit his share
>of a cd-rom project, it was something like
>"famous speeches".. anyway, lemme know. id be
>glad to help.

Haven't seriously discussed a book.  It would take a lot of work striping
out and condence it down into a book, but we do have the material and a
book would reach a lot of people a web site wouldn't.



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