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No Subject

To all,

My copy of the "argossi" document we got from Brian has some strange
(erronous) cut and pastes in it. Am I the only one? If so would someone sent
me a good copy (ASCII preferred).

Here are some of the strange cut and pastes:
(The [BLEEP] are mine)

Reflective Sail

Just what is this reflective sail?  It is a super-thin, highly reflective
she[BLEEP]The Argosy-class Starship
by Brian V. Mansur

Posted July 27, 1996

[Figure 1: Labeled External View of ARGOSY Interstellar Cruise Mode]


Design Overview

payload and the drive module remain as one unit.  Both the habitat and the
payload/drive modules are tethered to the mast module on the end opposite to
the sail cable connection.  The mast module acts as a connector between the
huge, but comparatively light-weight sail and the rotating hab and
payload/drive modules.  The centrifugal force from the rotation gives the crew
[BLEEP]Mass                kilogram       kg
Time                second         s
Electric current         ampere         A
Temperature              kelvin         K

Some SI Derived Units
Physical Quantity        Name of Unit   Symbol    SI Unit
Frequency           hertz               Hz        s^-1
Energy              joule               J         kg-m^2/s^2
Force                    newton         N         kg-m/s^2
Pressure            pascal         Pa        kg/m-s^2
Power                    watt           W         kg-m^2/s^3
Electric charge          coulomb        C         A-s
Electric potential  volt           V         kg-m^2/A-s^3

{The document ends suddenly with}

SI Base Units
Physical Quantity        Name of Unit   Symbol
Length              meter               m[BLEEP]