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Re: Weekly newsletter

At 2:05 PM 7/25/96, Timothy van der Linden wrote:
>>From Kelly
>>>From:  Ben
>>>  I also REALLY like the idea of also getting a
>>>  multi-letter digest weekly. We do cover so
>>>  much, and even now, I can't remember all that
>>>  we (well, actually, *you*, not me) have
>>>  talked about in the last 2 days (50 letters!)
>>We really need to get the newsletter system settled out.  And start archiving
>>stuff.  I also think the weekly digest is a great idea!
>Please help me out here, I'm not sure what both of you (and others) mean
>with a "weekly digest".
>- Do you mean you don't want daily letters anymore?
>- Do you still want daily letters but also a big letter at the week-end
>  composed of all the smaller letters?
>- Do you still want daily letters but also at the end of the week some
>  handy summary/abstract of everything (useful) that has been discussed?

Some people might want daily letter, some weekly collections.  Both could
be avalible to subscribers.  The later would be filed on line for web
access by cyber surfers.



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