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Re: minor stuff...

At 9:56 AM 7/23/96, Steve VanDevender wrote:
>Kevin Houston writes:
> > Steve VanDevender wrote:
> > > Actually, I have been thinking about offering this very service.  I have
> > > at least two permanently-connected machines I would be able to run such
> > > a list from (jcomm.uoregon.edu and hexadecimal.uoregon.edu), and this
> > > list is small enough and low enough in traffic that I could even run the
> > > list manually.
> > >
> > > If people are interested I could create a list on my work machine,
> > > hexadecimal.uoregon.edu with all the current names.  I think the only
> > > question is what we'd want to call the list -- mini-lit?
> > > starship-design?
> > >
> > > I wouldn't attach any strings to hosting the list, and I would honor any
> > > subscription or unsubscription requests sent to the list-request or
> > > owner-list addresses.  If I get ambitious I could probably even create
> > > a digest version in addition to the simple mail reflector.
> >
> > Steve, I'm not sure I understand what you are proposeing.  Are you
> > saying that when I send a e-mail to listserv@wherever it would
> > automatically bounce to all the members?  Or are you saying that the
> > messages would stack up for a while, and then one e-mail would be
> > sent to each of us on a weekly basis (or whenever) and would you be
> > able to handle the addition of new members (several hundred?)
> >
> > If it is the former, then I don't think that is an improvement, but
> > if it is the latter, then it sounds like a good idea to me (assuming
> > that LIT doesn't move to Urly-bird.com)
>Let me restate what I'm proposing:
>I would create a mailing list, for the purposes of this example
>mini-lit@hexadecimal.uoregon.edu.  Mail to
>mini-lit@hexadecimal.uoregon.edu would go to all current recipients of
>this message; it would be implemented as a mail alias so remailing of
>messages would be instant and automatic.  People could subscribe or
>unsubscribe by mailing to mini-lit-request@hexadecimal.uoregon.edu or
>owner-mini-lit@hexadecimal.uoregon.edu.  For now I'd probably just
>handle the mailing list manually rather than using automated mailing
>list software, and consider the automated mailing list if volume became
>very high.
>If there is interest I could also create a mini-lit-digest that would
>send multi-message digests rather than individual messages.  It would be
>an option in addition to the mini-lit mail reflector, not a replacement.
>I'm proposing this as a convenience to current subscribers to the
>current mini-lit.  Rather than have to handle a long recipient list or
>remember who is and isn't on the list, I'm willing to set up a service
>so that people can just mail to mini-lit@hexadecimal.uoregon.edu, which
>would simplify submissions and make it easier for recipients to
>automatically sort and archive messages.
>Just so you know, hexadecimal.uoregon.edu is an AlphaStation 255/233
>running Digital UNIX that is permanently connected at the University of
>Oregon.  It's my personal workstation, which is why I can offer a
>mini-lit mailing list service on it -- it's completely under my control
>and I'm sure it is easily capable of handling the mailing list.
>I could also look into the possibility of hosting the list on
>darkwing.uoregon.edu, which handles most of the other mailing lists at
>the U of O.  I'm not as sure what the eligibility requirements for
>having a list on darkwing are, but if we qualify then it would also
>instantly set this list up as a Majordomo list and allow automated

Ah, thats much clearer.  Thanks.

I would suggest we not only bundel say weekly newsletter, but we include
them, and the last couple months worth, in the LIT newsletter archive.
First because we cover a lot of stuff; and because it makes the site look
active, not dead.



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