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New lit loadings

As you probably know, I've been working up some stuff for LIT.  Well I've
just uploaded a bunch of it.  New home pages for LITY, Marine sciences,
near earth development, and central library, member lists, etc.. etc...
Please take a look.

A few things to remember.  Many of these sections don't have the sub
levels.  the computer center for example doesn't have the programs loaded
in it, just the calling links.

<Dave how do we want to work on loading the rest?  Do you want me to load
it from the old LIT site?  Or do you have new and improved copies?  Or do
you just want to be the one to bury your workstation?  ;)  >

The main entry pages have a heriarchical diagram map graphic at the bottom
of the page.  This should allow people to take shortcuts around LIT.  But I
made one central graphic with absolute addresses in LIT.  So it won't
function untill its installed there.  (< I also noticed little interest in
relocating to Kev's server.  I think the idea has some strong points, but I
can read the writing on the wall.>)

This stuff is a bit rough, but its the best I'll be able to do for a week or so.

Oh, check the member list for your names and addresses.  A couple of you
I'm not sure of you corect names.  Others like Rex and Steve V. I just
didn't get around to looking them up.

At the bottom of all the pages I worked up I put mail to: bars for me as
the authour, Dave as the site administrator.  If anyone else wants a bar of
the same format for their stuff let me know.

Please take a look and at least give me a comment on the new Lit graphics.
So of the copies got smugged <??> but I cancorrect that in a bit.

Oh, and yes.  I haven't finished drafting the text.  Anyone want to comment
on my explanation text on the entry pages?



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