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Urly-bird offer

> From hous0042@maroon.tc.umn.edu Tue Jul 23 13:38:58 1996
> I am asking for your opinions at this time.  If you think this is a good idea,
> please say so, if you think it is a bad idea please say so also (I promise I won't
> be offended)  If I don't hear from a majority of the group by friday, July 27th, I
> will assume that not enough people want to do it, and I will withdraw my offer and 
> speak no more of it.

I am inclined to say YES.

However, I would like to hear Dave's thoughts on that 
before my final commitment:

> From David@InterWorld.com Tue Jul 23 15:48:16 1996
> P.S. I've been thinking about something for the future of LIT that
> addresses
> all the various offers.  More on this tomorrow (or maybe later today) as
> I
> try to write down what I've been thinking about.

As maybe not all of you know, 
Dave was the one who started all this affair...

-- Zenon