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Re: My (temporary) LIT Site...

At 09:47 PM 7/11/96 -0700, Kevin 'Tex' Houston wrote:
>> BTW, I have a question. Kevin, you say that the fee
>> will be one-time. But, InterNIC charges $50 a year
>> for maintaining a domain name. Maybe I misunderstood
>> you. It will have to be a yearly fee, won't it?
>Depends on what you are talking about.  If you are talking about LIT
getting it's own
>domain name, then yes the InterNIC fee would be yearly.  If you are talking
about the 
>URLy-Bird.com name, then no, I would not ask LIT to pay my domain name
fees.  Besides, 
>I'll be paid up for two years anyway, so it's a moot point for now.

oh ok... I mustv'e missed the talk about URLy-Bird.com.. btw, what the heck
is that?