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Re: Foreign language mirrors

OK guys... here's the deal. I'm just doing this umm..
Spanish mirror mostly for practice (I do enjoy
learning) and so its no big deal if you guys dont
want foreign language mirrors. The reason I suggested
it is that ya know, all the big pages like Netscape
and companies have all translations. I just thought 
it would be a good idea.

As for multiple documents, David, I was thinking that
each Foregin language mirror would be hosted on a
different web site. And any image links could be the
same no matter what language, you see what Im saying?
The images and English versions will be on the LIT
main server, and if there are foreign mirrors, the 
text will be on different servers, but the pictures
won't be a space problem.

I guess some of you don't see any reason to have any
foreign language mirrors? I, personally, could care 
less.. as I said, I'm doing the Spanish translation
for practice. But, say I got people interested in
translating and hosting the HTML in their language?
Wouldn't that be an added benefit? Maybe it would 
like only reach one person, but hey, I think one
person is plenty, considering it isn't costing
the members any work or money?

Just my thoughts... :)