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Re: My (temporary) LIT Site...

At 10:10 PM 7/11/96, Philip Bakelaar wrote:
>Here are several notes about my temp. LIT site:
>- The address is: http://www.exit109.com/~pbakelaar/lit
>  (sorry guys... it was past my bedtime when I wrote the
>   other letter) :P
>- To use any of the Space Programs, you pretty much
>  have to have Netscape. Any browser that supports
>  JavaScript will work, but other than Netscape, I
>  do not know any. Soon will be a compilation of
>  all the Basic and C programs, as well as a few
>  .EXEs and other stuff like that.
>- I am still looking for Member Information (if any of
>  you guys actually want the info there).
>- I am working on a Spanish translation, and when the
>  permanent site is done, if everybody agrees a
>  Spanish translation is a good idea, I will do that.
>  (BTW, if space is an issue, the Spanish mirror
>   could be on my webserver)
>  Also, I know someone who *might* do a German
>  translation, if this is desirable.
>- I am working on a Universe FAQ, which will hopefully
>  one day evolve into a sort of online textbook. Anyway,
>  check it out under LIT Projects.
>  If anyone has any other ideas, like lists of certain
>  links (I know one of you is still waiting for Maser
>  links, they will be under the LIT Projects once I
>  get around to it) let me know and I can probably
>  get right on it.
>BTW, I have a question. Kevin, you say that the fee
>will be one-time. But, InterNIC charges $50 a year
>for maintaining a domain name. Maybe I misunderstood
>you. It will have to be a yearly fee, won't it?
>Just wondering.

My you've been busy!  Go for it.



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