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RE: New? LIT site.

I fixed the TOC map for you to work properly with IIS now.  I have a
conversion program
that will let me convert it back to NCSA when we mirror it later.

One comment, though.  The TOC graphic is 190k.  Perhaps I should change it
to a JPEG
and see if it's any smaller?

>       Marine Development Project (If You still want to try it?)

Yup.  Basically I'm going to start with the Europa Underwater Explorer,
which comes up
so often in sci.space.tech that it should be in a FAQ somewhere.

>       Solar systen Development Project
>           Solar system exploration, Mining, etc would fit in here.

Also a sort of compliment-site to SSD, but for in-system craft (i.e. more
technology, more believable that it could happen soon)

>Comments?  Shock?  Horror?  Disinterest?

New organization seems good.