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Re: New? LIT site.

At 01:58 PM 7/10/96 +0200, Zenon Kulpa wrote:

>Seems interesting to me. At least, this has a chance 
>to be a "professional" site with constant maintenance
>and little or no problems with the provider...
>(or am I mistaken?  ;-)
>There is the Ben's proposal, too, but it seems 
>less "professional" in the above sense (sorry, Ben...).

Thats OK Zenon. As long as whoever runs the site has time
enough to maintain it! My offer still stands though, and
actually, I was thinking of collecting $5 each (voluntary,
of course) to get a domain name.

>>    If there is enough talk against it, I will withdraw.  I don't want
there to be 
>>    multiple sites with sets of people who don't talk to each other.  ugh!

Jeez.. do you think that could really happen?
Actually, I guess i *maybe* could see how, but that
still is not cool. Even though I want very much to 
host the web site, I will of course back down on my
offer, especially since I have been a member for
only 2 days! >:)

>> 2) Your monetary help.  Requested only.  no pressure.  no special
recognition either
>>    way.  Judging from the size of the mailing list, I would ask $10.00
from each of 
>>    you to help with start-up costs.

Isn't someone on this mailing list already an Internet provider. I thought
i found (GulfNet) as one of the users home pages. Well, anyway, if they are
on here, wouldn't they be able to offer discount rates and stuff? I really
don't know alot about ISPs, so maybe this is impossible.. an idea, anyway.
>> I hope to sell server space for 
>> $2.00/Megabyte/month and to sell ads.
>Do you mean ads will be displayed at the LIT pages?
>It has its advantages (e.g., possibility for sponsorships)
>and disadvantages (e.g., labelling the site as "commercial").

I personally think ads are a bad idea, *UNLESS* they are only
space-related. For example, get Nasa, the NSS, and others to
sort of advertise. Maybe we could work out some deal where all
the major space sites (Nasa, LIT, Seds, NSS, whatever else) 
advertise on each others page. This would be good for the 
scientific world. If you want to know how it would be good,
well, I searched for many days in the past looking for space
web sites and such, but I only found star trek stuff and LIT.
I never heard of Seds and NSS before Zenon (thanx, Zenon!)

Those are my thoughts...