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Re: New mini-LIT Member (A litte more info)

At 6:38 PM 7/9/96, Philip Bakelaar wrote:
>At 07:40 AM 7/9/96 -0500, Kelly Starks x7066 MS 10-39 wrote:
>>You could read through the new Website at Dave system and tell me which
>>parts are clear, cloudy, interesting, yawnish.  If you can figure out why
>>the map links on my nice table of content graphics on the development site
>>don't work I'ld appreciate it.
>>If you want to take a crack at progrmaing an active table to computing
>>relatavistic fuel ratios for ships, or microwave power needed for a sail
>>ship, that would help too.  (I'm trying to recruit someone whos trying to
>>do numeric analysis, and we could use some numbers.)  (Don't worry none of
>>us are comfortable with all these equations.)
>>Or just nose around looking for other web sites, newsgroups, etc with info
>>on starships, space, fusion energy or something.  If its good we can add it
>>or refference it.  (I've done a few scans, but the term starship buries you
>>under tons of startrek stuff!
>>Kelly Starks
>>From what I've read, Kelly, it seems you are very busy. I do have space on
>my web site, as well as time to maintain the LIT page, so... the offer
>stands. I would actually enjoy hosting the web site, and believe me those
>links would pile up quickly! Anyway, just an offer.

Thanks Ben.  I'm not realy short of space, just time.  I also think its a
good idea to consolodate the project stuff on one central site not
distributed amoung peoples personal sites.  (Our members tend to come and
go.  Which could cause sections of the system to disapear with them.)  On
the other hand having some assistence in sorting out links and checking out
the web pages would be great.  I'll see what we can set up.

>About the programming, I am currently trying to learn a bit of Java or
>JavaScript so I can put the programs up on a web site.

Sounds good.  We'll have to coordinate efforts.

Right now I'ld guess the priorities should probably be in geting the new
web pages cleaned, seting up a new set of web links, and restaring the

(Comments group?)

We'll talk in a bit.



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